On your wedding day, there are no end of amazing magic moments - from the flurry of hair and makeup as the girls ready themselves for the day, to the (sometimes) more relaxed guys chilling out during their preparations.

That moment where all of your preparation culminates - walking down the aisle to take your vows. The first look, first kiss, first dance... so many moments to mention, and they're just the planned ones!

One thing they all share - they're irreplaceable and you will want to look back on them after the day...which is where we come in.

We will be there capturing all the magic for you, and when you hold your final images in your hand, you know you will have something to cherish for all time.

One of the things that I am big on within my business is working with my couples to be the way they want it to be.
A wedding can have enough stress so I don’t want to add to that in any way! You need to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere with the photographer, as you and they will see a LOT of each other on the day.

I look forward to chatting soon, and helping to capture your special day!

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Babies and Families


Are you expecting a special little bundle of joy soon? Would you love to have a memento of this journey into parenthood? We would be honoured to be part of documenting this very special time in the latter stages of your pregnancy. We can come to your home for more of a 'lifestyle' session or host you here in our studio setup - it's entirely up to you.


Once the stork has been and your little angel has arrived, they start to change and grow so very quickly. Those first precious days and weeks are a special time full of wonder for you all. Far too often this time passes and there's nothing besides a hospital photo to remind you of it.

To be sure to not miss out capturing your little one in this time, make sure you get in early when you're pregnant. We can pencil in a session ideally within the first couple of weeks at home, and once bub arrives we will lock in the exact session time.

As with our maternity sessions, we can hold these sessions here in our home studio, or for a beautiful feel, we can come and take the images in your home.


Whether you're looking at a couples session, you and the kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, even four-legged friends, we can arrange a session to suit. We have experience capturing all sorts of families.

Sessions can be held in a favourite park or any other special location.

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Special Occasions

Of course there are no end of special occasions and celebrations that we can be asked to be part of during any given year.

Whether that be a christening, a child's birthday, a special anniversary...or perhaps a slightly more 'mature' birthday celebration...the list is endless.

Whatever the special occasion you're wanting to capture for posterity, why not get in touch and see how we can cater to your requirements.



*** Packages can be tailored for combined sessions
- e.g.  a package for both maternity and newborn sessions ***